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The Sound of Slots
The Sound of Slots

If you are an avid online slot player you’ve probably noticed that each slot has its own distinct sounds. If you take that for granted, then you shouldn’t...

Rookie Guide
A Rookie’s Guide to Online Slots

Online slots offer a great playing experience, and of course the chance for great Wins. While land slots are mere ‘betting machines’, online slots offer a much more complete experience...

Reasons to Love Online Slot Machines
Reasons to Love Online Slot Machines

It’s true that slot machines have been around for over a century, and are much loved and played to this very day. The excitement you get when pulling the lever, the rolling of the reels, the thrill and the atmosphere are hard to imitate and emulate...

Have Fun with The Wish Master Slot
Have Fun with The Wish Master Slot

The Wish Master is an exciting slot game which will give players the chance to bag some mega wins! Take a journey alongside the genie in this fast-paced Arabian-themed game...

Myths vs Facts
Slot Machines: Myths vs. Facts

We’ve decided to take the slot machine, give it a hell of a spin until all the myths will fall off and the facts will be revealed. The outcome is before you, an infographic that dispels the most common myths about the slot and offer the hard-cold facts instead...

What do Players Love most about Online Slots?
What Do Players Love Most About Online Slots?

The average person with no gaming experience will probably tell you that online slots are so popular because players are all chasing big jackpots. But perhaps surprisingly, the chance to win massive £1,000,000 jackpots isn’t really what motivates players...

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