Hot or Cold New Feature


Is your favorite slot running hot or cold?

At Prime Slots, we’re always looking for new ways to shake up your slot experience which is why we’re bringing you the hot and cold feature. The hot and cold feature allows you to tell whether a slot is running hot, aka, players are on a winning streak, or running cold, meaning players are struggling to achieve payouts from the game. This means that you can follow slot trends, or opt to break the mold. 

How To Use Hot or Cold New Feature

You can access the new Hot and Cold feature by clicking on the new tab in the games section of our site. Here you can select whether you want to see the hot slots or the cold slots. This section updates every 5 minutes, so you’ll always be getting up-to-date info. 

Hot Indicator

The Hot Indicator comes in three tiers that look like flames. These markers indicate the slots that players are having the best luck with and are on winning streaks.

Cold Indicator

The Cold Indicator also has three tiers, but these look like ice. These markers are used to indicate the slots that are confounding players by holding back on payouts.

Why Use the Hot or Cold Feature on Prime Slots

While, of course, all slot games are purely down to chance, the Hot and Cold feature is still very useful as you can use it to inform you on which of your favorite slots you might want to play that day. You might want to go with the crowd and play the hot slots, or break the mold and play the colder games to hopefully break the losing streak.

Come and Play now at PrimeSlots

So, if you want to let the Hot and Cold indicators enhance your gameplay, then login at PrimeSlots today, where the overall experience is always hot, hot, hot!


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