Slingo Fortunes Slot Review


This review will be covering the one and only Slingo Fortunes slot machine! This Slingo Fortunes online slot review will explain and discuss the  Slingo Fortunes slot, hows it's played, its theme and so, so much more. The review explains deeply what Slingo Fortunes slot the UK has to offer as well as what new players need to know to get started when playing. So if a Chinese-themed slot machine with elements of Deal or No Deal piques some interest then read on as we explore everything that the Slingo Fortunes slot UK has to offer. 

Slingo Fortunes Slot Technical Features

The Slingo Fortunes slot has a theoretical return to player rate of 96% making this slot bang on the market average. The Slingo Fortunes slot is, as stated a Chinese-themed slot featuring traditional Chinese colours of gold, red and green. The symbols themselves are not very traditional Chinese as all the symbols are simple envelopes with numbers on them. These red envelopes are inspired by the lucky envelopes that family members give to each other during Chinese New Year, so perfectly suit the theme. The player on the other hand with be working with and choosing these envelopes freely. There are 12 total paylines with 11 possible rewards. A game of Slingo Fortunes can be played for just £1 for spin, making this game suited to players with smaller budgets.

Slingo Fortunes Bonus Features

Lucky Envelope Amounts

The Slingo Fortunes Lucky Envelope amounts surround the game's interface when playing the Slingo Fortunes slot game. They are removed when the envelope containing the said amount is removed from play. 

Slingo Prize Boost

The Slingo Prize Boost Ladder is located on the far left-hand side of the gaming interface and applies the multipliers that are below:

  • 4 Slingos: Envelope offer
  • 5 Slingos: x2 multiplier
  • 6 Slingos: x3 multiplier
  • 7 Slingos: x4 multiplier
  • 8 Slingos: x5 multiplier
  • 9 Slingos: x6 multiplier
  • 10 Slingos: x7 multiplier
  • Whole House: x20 multiplier

The Fortunes Offer

The first fortunes offer is made when a player achieves four Slingos when the player can pick from the following options listed below:

  • Accept: Receive the offer
  • Decline: Open the player's envelope
  • Spin: Continue the game

If the player declines the offer and chooses to continue further offers will be given to you after each spin you make.

How To Play Slingo Fortunes

Before players start playing the Slingo Fortunes slot, they should consider reading through this section to understand how the machine works and what they need to do to achieve a win. To get started, you’ll of course need to Slingo Fortunes online slot provides a very detailed and extravagant interface for the player at the very start so it can be confusing. However, the Slingo Fortunes casino slot provides detailed indicators on what you need to do while playing, aiding the player. 

To start the player does need to their wager choice which can be done on the wager location of the interface either. The player will then choose their envelope so pick an envelope that you think best (It is all random so it doesn't matter). Once pick the player will need to collect Slingos in the Slingo Fortunes online slot to remove envelopes from the interface. After a few brief spins, the Slingo Fortunes slot will offer the player an amount for their envelope, the player can choose to decline or accept either rewarding the money offered or to continue playing. If the player continues to decline the offers to the very end, then whatever the value of the envelope will be the prize to the player. This can be both higher than the offered amount or less, and that's where the deal or no deal feel comes in. 

Slingo Fortunes Review Summary

Thank you for reading this Slingo Fortunes slot machine review. If you are looking to Play the Slingo Fortunes slot then head over to and begin your Chinese-themed Deal or No Deal Adventure today. You can try the Slingo Fortunes slot bonuses and even try your hand at the game itself. If you don't have access to a computer you can always use a smartphone device to try Slingo Fortunes mobile slot which is the same but you have the advantage of playing wherever and whenever you like.


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