Voodoo Gold Slot Review

Voodoo Gold Slot Review

Only the brave few who dare to participate in the ancient Voodoo ritual are granted access to the secret realm. Kae lies down on the altar, shielded by the shaman's magic. The earth trembles, a green mist envelops him, and all is at once made clear.

Voodoo Gold Slot Technical Features

Blocks fall on top of one another to create enormous piles of symbols, starting with 4 rows and 4096 possible winning combinations. From left to right, all advantageous combinations pay out and explode to make room for further symbol drops. Each avalanche adds a new row, bringing the total number of winning combinations to 8 rows and 262,144.

Big symbols appear in their green Voodoo condition, voodoo wilds filling all of the vacant spaces below. Once they reach the bottom, large symbols themselves come into play and help players win.

Voodoo Gold Bonus Features



Any symbol drop can contain bonus symbols. The Bomb feature is activated by a single instance at the avalanche flow's conclusion. Except for wilds and large voodoo symbols, all active symbols are covered by a diamond-shaped region around the bonus symbols. explode to make room for more symbols. Additionally, a new row of symbols is added to the top with this symbol drop. Since the bonus symbol itself is retained, it serves as both a lifeline and a second opportunity to earn bonus symbols. 

Dual Bomb

Two bonus symbols must appear in order to activate the Dual Bomb feature. Except for wilds and voodoo symbols, all symbols touched by the line created between the bonus symbols burst to make room for further symbol drops. All other instances of the touched symbols that are still active explode as well. The Dual Bomb offers another opportunity to acquire the final bonus symbol needed to start the bonus game.

Free Drop bonus game

Three or more bonus symbols, located anywhere in view, start the free drops bonus game. A lucky hit of six bonus symbols offers the maximum of 15 free drops; three bonus symbols grant the maximum of 6 free drops; four bonus symbols grant the maximum of 9 free drops; five bonus symbols grant the maximum of 12 free drops. Retriggering the Drops bonus game is possible.

One bonus game win is all that is necessary to advance the safety level by one row, which sets the new location for the subsequent free drop. The 262 144 possibilities to win significantly increase the chances of winning as the safety level can be raised up to 8 rows.

Big voodoo symbols keep adding voodoo wilds to fill in the gaps below. All non-winning wilds turn sticky, which works even more in the players' advantage and raises the possibility of huge winnings.

How To Play Voodoo Gold


A lot of gamers adjust their wager dependent on the results of prior spins. With the introduction of betting techniques, Voodoo Gold changed the way players may play the game. A predetermined betting pattern known as a betting strategy automatically adjusts the bet level in accordance with a specified set of rules. After each spin, a player has the option to alter or disable their betting strategy.

Optimizer: Bets a % of balance

Automatically switching to a percentage of the player's balance, the bet level. The bet level automatically rises as the balance does, and vice versa if the balance falls.

Leveller: Raise on 5 concurrent losses

After 5 consecutive losing rounds, the bet level will rise 2 steps. Then, after another 5 losing rounds, the bet level will rise 2 steps more.

After winning a round, the bet level will be reset to its base level.

Booster: Raise on loss

After each losing round, the bet level will rise one level, and so on until it reaches four levels above the base level.

After a winning round, bet levels will be reset to the base level.

Jumper: Raise on win

Every time a round is won, the bet level rises until it reaches four levels above the base level.

After a losing round, bet levels will be reset to the base level.

Voodoo Gold Review Summary

The Voodoo Gold online slot has a spooky aesthetic and a number of scary symbols. Once you begin playing, you'll discover that it's a friendly game with nothing to be afraid of. The enormous symbols and avalanches can result in some respectable rewards, but because of the game's extreme volatility, you could have to wait a while between winning spins.


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