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Slingo Ante Up

Slingo Ante Up
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Slingo Ante Up slot is a classic game from Slingo Originals. It is a 12 payline, 5x5 slot machine. In Slingo Ante Up slot online, you can find matching numbers using both a 5x5 bingo grid and a single five-reel slot while also having the chance to win free spins and take advantage of wilds and superwilds. The Slingo Ante Up game can be played for stakes of 0.20 to 25. Variable volatility characterises the RTP, which ranges from 94.9% to 97.1%. The maximum possible win is 500 times your stake.

How to Play Slingo Ante Up Online

The Slingo Ante Up game is simple to play. There are two main buttons to consider before you start playing. Both the number of spins and the wager must be selected. Spins are located behind the base stake, which is the red button on the left.

You can select from nine to sixteen spins at your chosen stake. Once you click the Start Game button, the side balls will start sliding into your slot machine and the reels will start spinning.

A star will appear next to any grid number that corresponds to a number on your reels every time you spin.

Choosing five numbers on one of the 12 win lines will earn you a Slingo. Your progress is displayed in the ladder to the left of the screen and increases with each Slingo you win. To receive 500 times your initial bet, win a Full House (11 Slingos)!

To finish Slingos, use The Wild to check off any number in the column above. You can also use the Super Wild to cross off any number on the entire grid. Your options will flash on the screen, and you'll need to click on your preferred number when you're given the chance to check off a number yourself (either by landing a Wild or a Super Wild). At the conclusion of the game, you'll be given a free spin if you find the Free Spins symbol.

Slingo Ante Up Symbols

The symbols from the Slingo Ante Up game have been given a makeover to fit in with the game's fun retro style in this variation on the classic Slingo mechanic.

The blue J (or Joker) serves as the Slingo Ante Up online slot Wild, allowing you to mark off any number in the column above it to help you complete Slingos and move up the pay ladder on the left.

The Super Wild in the game is the green J. When it appears on the reels, you will be able to cross off any number in the grid.

Slingo Ante Up Features

Standard Slingo features are still available on the Slingo Ante Up slot machine. While helping you match the numbers on the grid, these special symbols can add flair to your game.


The joker symbol on the reel gives you the ability to mark a number from the column above.

Super Joker

Allows you to remove a number from any location on the grid.

Free Spin

More spin is added. It has a free spins feature even though it is a unique slot machine. If you find the tiny +1 symbol, you'll get an extra spin without paying anything extra.

Slingo Ante Up FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Slingo Ante Up?

The maximum bet for Slingo Ante Up is 25.

What is the minimum bet for Slingo Ante Up?

The minimum bet for Slingo Ante Up is 0.20.

Can I play Slingo Ante Up on mobile?

Yes, you can play Slingo Ante Up on any Android or iOS device.

What is the RTP of Slingo Ante Up?

Slingo Ante Up has an RTP of 97.1%

What is the biggest potential win for Slingo Ante Up?

The biggest potential win for Slingo Ante Up is 500 times your stake.

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