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Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion
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Slingo Centurion Slot Game

Slingo Centurion is a game of Slingo, a type of online casino game that fuses the concepts of slots and bingo together. There are several dozen Slingo games and this particular one is themed to the Roman army. It’s actually an adapted version of the Centurion slot by Inspired Gaming.

Like other Slingo games, you play a one-reel slot game multiple times per round. Only numbers can land on these reels and if a number matches one on the Slingo card above, it’s marked off. There are a set number of ways to win and the more wins you get, the bigger the payout.

The Slingo Centurion casino game takes the concept of Slingo further by adding a few bonus features. The purpose of these is to enhance gameplay and make the game more exciting and compelling.

How to Play Slingo Centurion Online

The Slingo Centurion game uses a 5x5 Slingo card that’s clearly displayed in the middle of the screen. Directly beneath it is a one-row slot with the numbers 1-75 appearing on it. The numbers 1-15 appear on the far left reel, numbers 16-30 on the next one along and so on.

Here’s a summary of the gameplay:

  • You receive 10 spins per round
  • The slot produces 5 numbers per spin
  • The numbers 1-75 appear on the Slingo card
  • Mark off all numbers on a payline to win a Slingo
  • Win five or more Slingos to trigger bonus rounds

Once all 10 spins have been used, you’ll have the chance to purchase more spins. The game will show you if you’re close to earning a bonus round. The cost of each extra spin varies depending on how many Slingos you’ve won and how much you’re betting with.

The bonus rounds and the number of paylines you need to mark off to play each one are listed below:

  • Reelus Maximus — 5 Paylines
  • Prizes on Parade — 6 Paylines
  • Caesar’s Free Spins — 7 Paylines
  • Road to Riches — 8 Paylines
  • Caesar’s Free Spins (red) — 9 Paylines
  • Road to Riches (red) — 10 Paylines

The red versions of the Caesars Free Spins and Road to Riches features offer boosted prizes compared with the original versions.

Slingo Centurion Symbols

Slingo Centurion Slot PrimeSlots

As well as numbers, there are several other symbols that can appear on the one-row slot. The blue joker is the wild. If this lands, you get to mark off any symbol in the column above. The green joker wild lets you mark off one number anywhere on the card.

Should the devil land, no numbers can be marked off on that particular column for that spin. The other symbol that can appear is the Free Spin one - land this to receive one extra spin of the slot that doesn’t cost anything.

Slingo Centurion Features

Reelus Maximus

Spin a slot with three rows, five reels and 20 paylines. There’s a wild and the first three reels are taken up by extra large 3x3 symbols.

Prizes on Parade

This is a bonus game where you stop a dancing light to win prizes. There are three shields, each with bigger payouts than the one before it. Start on the leftmost one and earn upgrades to make your way to the shields with the bigger potential wins.

Caesar’s Free Spins

Earn some free spins and a multiplier to boost the value of any winnings.

Road to Riches

Play a mini board game where you roll dice to move around the board and get closer to Rome, earning prizes along the way.

Eye of Horus FAQ

Is the Centurion slot similar?

If you enjoy playing Slingo Centurion online, there’s the original Centurion slot too. It’s very similar as it has the same theme and design, plus the same bonus rounds.

How do the two versions of the Caesar’s Free Spins and Road to Riches bonus rounds compare?

The enhanced version of the Caesar’s Free Spins round gives you the chance to earn more free spins and a bigger multiplier. The enhanced version of the Road to Riches bonus round has more valuable prizes on offer.

What is the game’s RTP?

The Slingo Centurion game has an RTP of 95%.

What number should I mark off if I get the green joker?

The green joker lets you mark off any number on your Slingo card. You should mark off a number that’s on multiple paylines to increase your chances of winning.

Slingo Centurion Mobile Slot

The Slingo Centurion online casino game isn’t just available on desktop computers; it can also be played on mobiles. The game’s designed to be compatible with many different makes of smartphones and tablets. It works in the same way as the desktop version and can be played in both portrait and landscape modes.

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