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Slingo Inca Trail Game

Slingo Inca Trail
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Explore the Inca Trail with Slingo Inca Trail from Slingo Originals and collect fabled treasures. Although the journey to Machu Picchu is lengthy, rumors have claimed that wealth lies ahead in the far-off place. To climb the prize ladder, cover the Slingo board in priceless jewels and draw lines that travel vertical, horizontal, or both ways. To assist you on your journey, you will come across Wild, Super Wild, and Free Spins tokens that will let you make any choice on the reels or add extra spins to your total.

This quest offers more than just full-house winnings, since finding numbered Arrow symbols will lead you down the Inca Trail. Completing seven or more stairs will allow you to enter the Machu Picchu Trail bonus game, where you can earn up to 250 times your initial wager in addition to other delicious win multipliers. Reaching the trail's finish will allow you to obtain the coveted Machu Picchu treasures. Select one of the six golden treats to win mysterious cash rewards.

How to Play Slingo Inca Trail Online

Selecting your stake and clicking the "Start Game" button will allow you to begin playing. As you complete as many matching numbers as you can within the first ten spins—known as Slingos—you'll earn bonus points. Along the trail that is shown above the playing field, you can also find Arrow symbols to travel along.

You can activate the Inca Trail Bonus feature if you travel far enough on the trail. This element takes the shape of a little minigame in which you must navigate another trail and gather rewards. You'll keep going until you either get at the fabled Machu Picchu or hit Collect. If you succeed, a large payment will be yours to choose among six prizes!

Here are the steps on how to play the Slingo Inca Trail:

  • Select your stake amount, then hit Spin to get started.
  • When any number on the board appears on the reels, they will spin and match off.
  • To make a Slingo, draw lines in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal orientation.
  • Create numerous Slingos to climb the victory ladder.
  • To choose any spot on the reel or the entire board, land a Wild or Super Wild on the reels.
  • Work your way along the trail by gathering arrow symbols to access the bonus Machu Picchu bonus game.

The minimum bet for Slingo Inca Trail is £0.20 while the maximum bet is £50. This game has a return to player percentage of 96% paired with high volatility. Lastly, you may win up to  £250,000 as it is the biggest potential win of the game. 

Slingo Inca Trail Symbols

Line wins based on a £1 bet

3 Lines- £1

4 Lines- £2

5 Lines- £3

6 Lines- £5

7 Lines- £10

8 Lines- £25

9 Lines- £50

10 Lines- £100

Full House- £500

Extra symbols

Wild: Enables the matching reel to have a space selection.

Super Wild: Provides a choice of spaces across the board.

Free Spin: Increases the number of spins left by one.

Numbered Arrow: Follows the numbered path to the bonus feature.

Slingo Inca Trail Features

Trail Feature

Whenever a unique numbered Arrow symbol appears on the reels, it will highlight the matching number on the trail above the gaming board. This feature is available on any spin. On the subsequent spin, the marked spaces reset and begin at 1. The trail may, at random, be retained for the subsequent spin, increasing your chances of filling the trail. To access the Machu Picchu bonus game, complete the trail's marked spaces seven to nine times. The Super or Mega Trail feature, where all payments are increased, can be unlocked by highlighting 8 or 9.

Machu Picchu Bonus Game

This game starts after all seven spots on the path have been occupied. In this mode, you are taken to a new playboard with a multiplier trail leading to Machu Picchu's last stop. To proceed down the trail and collect the multiplier for the symbol, spin the wheel, land on one of the five selectable symbols, and continue on. The wheel returns to the base game and all accumulated multipliers are paid out according to the activation bet if it lands on the Collect option. Along the route, the following could act as symbol multipliers:

Blue Symbol- 4:90x 3:40x 2:10x 1:2x

Purple Symbol- 4:100x 3:50x 2:15x 1:4x

Green Symbol- 4:150x 3:60x 2:20x 1:5x

Red Symbol- 4:200x 3:70x 2:25x 6x

Orange Symbol- 4:250x 3:80x 2:30x 1:7x

Machu Picchu Pick Feature

The Macchu Pichu bonus pick feature is triggered upon reaching the end of the multiplier trail. Select one of the six golden gems to uncover an immediate monetary reward.

Slingo Inca Trail FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Slingo Inca Trail?

The maximum bet for Slingo Inca Trail Game is £50.

What is the minimum bet for Slingo Inca Trail?

The minimum bet for Slingo Inca Trail is £0.20.

Can I play the Slingo Inca Trail on mobile?

Yes, Slingo Inca Trail online game is available on various mobile devices provided that you have an internet connection.

What is the RTP of Slingo Inca Trail?

The Return to Player percentage of Slingo Inca Trail online is 96%.

What is the biggest potential win for Slingo Inca Trail?

The biggest potential win for Slingo Inca Trail game is £250,000.

Slingo Inca Trail Mobile Game

The Slingo Inca Trail can be played on various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets provided that there is an internet connection. This online game is browser-based and compatible with almost all operating systems and mobile devices. Playing this game on an iOS, Android, or Windows device will provide you with the same fluid gaming experience.

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