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Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches
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Slingo Riches Slot Game

Slingo Riches is another title which offers the perfect blend between online slots and bingo. The difference with the Slingo Riches online slot is that players have the chance to play for real cash prizes. With a massive jackpot prize, the Slingo Riches game isn’t just fun, it has the potential to pay out big-time!

The Slingo Riches slot online follows the winning formula of other Slingo titles so is a great choice if you’re looking to freshen up your gameplay but don’t want to step too far away from what you know and love.

How to Play Slingo Riches Online

To start playing the Slingo Riches slot you first need to set your stake amount; this can be customised using the + and - buttons. When you’re happy with your wager amount press ‘start game’ to play the Slingo Riches slot machine!

You’ll see a 5x5 game grid with a 5x1 reel below it. Each game comprises 11 spins with 5 numbers or symbols appearing with each spin. Any numbers you land that match the numbers on your game grid will be marked off. Completing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of 5 numbers is known as a Slingo and each Slingo you get will advance you up the prize ladder. Matching all numbers is known as a Full House and will award you the highest win amount.

Don’t worry if you just miss out on completing Slingos as the Slingo Riches slot game can award up to 4 free spins or up to 4 free spins may be purchased at the end of the game, giving you a total of 15 spins if you need them.

Slingo Riches Symbols

Slingo Riches Slots PrimeSlots

The Slingo Riches slot game uses all the traditional Slingo symbols you know and love such as:

  • Joker: The Joker has a red hat and blue shirt and can mark off any number in the column above its reel position.
  • Super Joker: The Super Joker wears green and is the Jokers’ big brother, he can mark off any number in any position on the game grid.
  • Free Spin: The free spin symbol looks like a pile of yellow balls. It appears in the center column and awards the player a free spin.
  • Coin: Coin symbols appear in the center column and award an instant cash prize.
  • The Devil: Watch out for the devil, if he appears he’ll attempt to block matches!

Slingo Riches Features

Joker Bonus

Landing 3 or more Jokers or Super Jokers (in any combination) in a single spin will score you the Joker Bonus and award you an instant cash prize.

Return to Player

Slingo Riches has a theoretical RTP of 95%

Extra Spins

Players can purchase up to 4 extra spins at the end of the base game to help them achieve more Slingos or a Full House. Any free spins awarded will reduce the number of extra spins available (for example: 2 free spins awarded means 2 extra spins are available) meaning the total spins for a game will never exceed 15.

Slingo Riches Prize Ladder

The Slingo Riches prize ladder shows players how much they can expect to win per Slingo they achieve:

  • One Slingo: 0.1x stake amount
  • Two Slingos: 0.2x stake amount
  • Three Slingos: 0.5x stake amount
  • Four Slingos: 1x stake amount (return of initial wager)
  • Five Slingos: 2x stake amount
  • Six Slingos: 4x stake amount
  • Seven Slingos: 7x stake amount
  • Eight Slingos: 10x stake amount
  • Nine Slingos: 25x stake amount
  • Ten Slingos: 50x stake amount
  • Full House: 200x stake amount

Slingo Riches FAQ

Is Slingo Riches and Slingo Reel Riches the same game?

Nope! While their names are similar these two titles are actually quite different! Slingo Riches follows the traditional Slingo format while Slingo Reel Riches uses a slots-based mechanic.

What’s the difference between the Joker and the Super Joker?

Both the Joker and the Super Joker are wild symbols and can help you to clear off stubborn numbers on the game board. The Joker is only able to clear one symbol from the column above its reel position, while the Super Joker can clear any number anywhere on the game grid.

How many Slingos Do I need to achieve to receive my stake back?

Players need to achieve 4 slingos to receive their stake amount back.

Slingo Riches Mobile Slot

All current Slingo titles are designed with mobile compatibility in mind. This allows players to experience the thrills and spills of all their favourite Slingo title; including Slingo Riches wherever and whenever they want on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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