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Slingo Super Spin Slot Game

Slingo Super Spin
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His unique game has an interior party concept complete with colorful lighting, a DJ set, and of course, some catchy music! In actuality, this game features two distinct audio genres—music and SFX—both of which may be disabled at any moment by the player. 

Similar to what they would receive in a typical bingo game, players are given a 5x5 grid that is filled with numbers. Slingo games also have a slot element; in this instance, the reel at the bottom of the board serves as the slot. Every rotation in this case will reveal a new set of numbers and symbols. 

A number is checked off when it corresponds with a number on the reel. Eliminating as many numbers as you can is the major goal, with particular attention to lines that, when finished, form "Slingos." Players will advance on the left chart with more Slingos, and this corresponds directly to the potential wins. 

How to Play Slingo Super Spin Online

Here is an easy guide in playing Slingo Super Spin:

  1. To bring up the betting choices and choose your wager, click the coins button on the right.
  2. An entire line is a Slingo. Four or more successfully finished slingos result in prizes. Your prizes increase as you accomplish more tasks.
  3. You have ten spins to match the numbers on the reel with the numbers that occur in the grid during each game.
  4. The object of the game is to match numbers on the bingo grid and the reel in order to advance up the paytable and complete slingos. 
  5. Any number in the above column can be marked with a wildcard.
  6. Any number on the grid can be marked with super wilds.
  7. The grid is unaffected by the X, a blocking sign.
  8. An additional spin is given to you when a free spin symbol lands.
  9. You may choose the maximum amount of additional spins that will be given using the settings menu. The maximum stake for a single game, the maximum total loss for a game, and the maximum price to be provided as an additional spin can all be adjusted. If any of the boundaries you specify are met, the game will stop immediately.
  10. If the normal reel and the super spin reel have identical numbers, a super wild will be awarded.
  11. A single spin with six wild or super wild symbols will yield a monetary reward.

Slingo Super Spin Symbols

Slingo Super Spin does not have any main bonus, but it does have an extra reel to the right of the board. Players now have an additional chance to match a number with each spin thanks to this.

Players will win an extra super wild if this number appears twice—once on the main board and once on the bonus reel. In addition, if six wild symbols show up simultaneously on various reels, gamers will win quick cash.

Slingo Super Spin Features

Marking off numbers on the 5x5 grid that finish a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line results in a slingo. Each paid round begins with 10 spins, and in order to advance to the first rung of the reward ladder that pays out, you must have at least 4 slingos. Naturally, the higher you go, the bigger the prizes are, and there are some extra elements that can assist you in that aspect.

Slingo Super Spin FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Slingo Super Spin?

The maximum bet for Slingo Super Spin Slot is £25.

What is the minimum bet for Slingo Super Spin?

The minimum bet for Slingo Super Spin is £0.20.

Can I play Slingo Super Spin on mobile?

Yes, Slingo Super Spin online slot is available on various mobile devices provided that you have an internet connection.

What is the RTP of Slingo Super Spin?

The Return to Player percentage of Slingo Super Spin slot online is 96.7%.

What is the biggest potential win for Slingo Super Spin?

The biggest potential win for Slingo Super Spin slot game is £125,000.

Slingo Super Spin Mobile Slot

Slingo Super Spin slot machine’s great mobile compatibility is made possible by the usage of HTML 5. Playing games in a browser might just require you to turn on your flash player. Numerous devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and desktop PCs, support the Bonus Fruits slot machine. You don't need to worry about it because this vendor's software works with all operating systems.

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